artglass by design


Glass is such an extraordinary artistic medium; the seemingly contradictory qualities of fragility and strength, opacity and translucence in addition to a limitless color range lead to an endless variety of finished results. The dynamic interaction of fused glass with light shining though it enhances the inherent magic of this art form.


My lifelong passion for creative arts has lead me       in many directions. I am blessed, in that my career   as an Advertising Creative Director and Graphic Designer has allowed me to pursue my love of hands-on creation, initially in Ceramics and China Painting, and now in Fused Kiln-formed Glass.


My fused glass designs are inspired by nature and the world around me. My garden, my animals and my life experiences and the people who I engage with every day.  I love a more organic aesthetic. I want to touch and feel the glass, as well as observe the optical qualities of this amazing medium.


I have been creating original beautiful and functional designs in fine art glass since 2005. Each of my pieces is hand-cut, layered, assembled, kiln-formed and cold-worked in my studio in bucolic Los Olivos, California.  I hope my work adds a little enchantment to your home and color to your life.